Project Description

Duncan Forbes: Corporate identity & logo creation


I’ve known Duncan for many years as a friend but have also been following his stellar career as a musician and recording artist as he’s one 1/2 of the seminal band Spooky. And he’s also done alot of music projects over an above work with Spooky.

More recently Duncan’s been working with Lol Hammond on music for films and soundtracks and following the demise of previous record companies, Duncan wanted not only to have a platform to release new solo work, film and soundtrack music but also to finally, consolidate his back catalogue for fans, as well as to make many tracks commercially available, sometimes for the first time.

Equally as importantly, was to create a website and identity to promote himself to directors and editors of film and music globally and provide a new identity for the many new releases that are in the pipeline, both as solo and as collaborations.

My design solution

So the brief for this identity was something that needed span and encompass requirements for print (LPs, CDs, Digital releases); website and online promotions as well as the ability to be mixed into audio visual options.

Necessarily, it needed to be strong so it could work at very small sizes online, have enough subtlety to it that it could be animated as well as being flexible enough to be able to be re-configured for album covers, EP’s and 12″ releases and still be fresh.

Essentially, his logo and identity needed to have the versatility and strength of, say, the MTV logo, but to keep its integrity cross-platform.