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About us

3Head is a musical collective of a number of quality & recognised musicians.

We’re a multi-national & multi-cultural.

A mesh of Trip Hop & downtempo via Dub & Reggae to Electronica… we’re not easily pigeon-holed. We think we have a unique sound.

Originally hailing from Brixton, London, various members of the band are still based still in London as well as in Northern Spain and Turkey. The collective includes:

Al Macaulay, Calina de la Mare, Spider Johnson, MC Iker, Ras B & Lara Basakinci 

With additional contributions from David Burgui Burgui, Dave Woolfson.

With co-production and mixing on our recent releases from Duncan Forbes.

Remixes & collaborations include a roll call of some of music’s finest:
Adrian Sherwood, Dennis Bovell, Misled Convoy, Mauoq, Charlie May, Dogdub, Mo Money Productions, Uncle Fester on Acid, Dry & Heavy, Black Star Liner & Barry Adamson

…And we’re out playing live in 2023 – check out our live dates page


’Like King Tubby jamming with the Balanescu quartet’’


 “Blackwater [3Head’s 1st Album] defies categorisation. If ever an album deserves the Mercury Music Prize, this does. Get this in your collection now.’’

UPDATE magazine

“What you get when you mix the intensity of Joy Division with the space and rhythm of King Tubby!’’


‘the sense of spontaneity and spaciousness in their music, accommodates all manner of the unexpected, while suggesting the four will make for a powerful presence live…

METRO newspaper

‘’A beguiling mix of epic, steaming dub, flecked with frantic toasting, molten soul vocals all underpinned by deft break-beats…haunted and haunting 3head create a throbbing underworld all their own.’’


‘this spontaneous mix of dub, classical, electronica and filmic noir moves between gypsy murder and the murky world of transcendental misery. These waters run deep and dark…’

LOGO magazine


New Releases News



Release date: 6th December 2023

Ecstacy is 3Head’s new single. It’s a single with 3 remixes:

Kicking off with the mighty Barry Adamson remix,

then, once more we turn to (long term collaborator and remixer) The Netherlands’ & On-U Sound label’s sound curator Uncle Fester On Acid, delivering his beautifully ambient take on the track.

That’s followed by Bristol producer and remixer, DogDub’s uptown take

and last but not least Ecstacy (End Song), the original track, an etherial, dreamy downtempo classic.

We’re particularly chuffed we’ve been blessed by the inimitable Barry Adamson who’s taken up remix duties on the main title track.

We’ve long admired Barry not just for the amazing syncopated basslines with Magazine (whose widescreen cinematic sound and dystopian lyrics have always inspired), but also for what he brought to David Lynch. Calina, our strings goddess has arranged for him, and we adore the Miles Davis & Curtis Mayfield seam that he mines in his own way. We’re really proud he’s added his magic to this track.

Listen to and order here >>>

Recent releases


Sub Signals – Volume 2 mixed by Gaudi
(Dubmission Records)

Release date: (Digital Vinyl & CD) 10th December 2021.

Our Dennis Bovell dub mix is being featured on Gaudi’s new compilation mix alongside a host of fabulous names including The Orb, Groove Armada, Adrian Sherwood, and many more.

A recent review for Electronic Arts Magazine was:
“Fifteen years after his first “Sub Signals” compilation for the cult Canadian label Interchill, London dub maestro Gaudi brings his singular production sound to this second volume of “pure bass therapy”.
A 75-minute mix featuring a treasure trove of unreleased originals from the likes of The Orb, Dub FX and Groove Armada, alongside vibrant tracks from underground artists, every minute here is total gold.
From David Harrow’s beautifully wavy ‘In My Head (Inside my Head Mix)’ to the saw-edged effects of 3head’s ‘Afnaz (Dennis Bovell Dub Mix)’, Gaudi still has the Midas touch.”



Released: 9th June 2022

As with previous recent releases, the EP works as four standalone tracks whilst all four also work and build to complement each other.

Kicking off with the downtempo album “Original”, it’s then backed up with an ethereal take by Michael Hodgson (Pitch Black), “Ambience Dripping in Dub”, it then moves on to Uncle Fester’s dubtronica take which is a game of 2 halves – messing with and building up the strings before laying down the bass – and finally rounding off with DogDub’s more traditional Reggae/Dancehall/Sound System style take on the track.

Stream, Buy & Full Info here >>>


Poem2 & Remixes

Released: 26th November 2021

Essentially a single with 3 remixes is a multi-layered 4 tracker where each track works as a standalone whilst all four work and build together to create a whole. Spanning the original downtempo offering, then encompassing Charlie May’s Electronica take, then adding Mauoq’s minimal DnB, and finishing with DogDub’s roots Reggae re-rub there’s something for everyone.

Stream, Hear, Buy & Full Info here >>>



Released: 16th July 2021

Solo is a dub-infused 4 track single that blends Laura’s ethereal vocals with Spider’s hard-edged lyrics about the refugee crisis and features guest bass player, The Cardigan’s Magnus Sveningsson.

Full Info here >>>



Released: 7th May 2021.

The second EP from 3Head’s forthcoming 2021 3rd album.
With remixes by the legendary Dennis Bovell and featuring Spider Johnson in his prime.

It’s an epic track with two halves, starting with sublime female vocals and picked up by Spider Johnson’s toasting with a “call to arms”, with his molten toasting:

“Welcome to 2 0 2 1! let’s go to 2 0 2 2!, forward to 2 0 2 3,
If I don’t care about you, you won’t care about me!
We must do better than that!
we must do better than politicians,
we MUST do better than them!”

Full Info here >>>


Jah Jah Bless

Released: 16th April 2021.

The first of 3Head’s new music to be released in 2021 and from our forthcoming new 3rd album.
Track 1 is a searing guitar-based ballad and anthem.
Track 2 is a downtempo/trap remix from rising star Mo Money Productions and all backed up with
Track 3 – is Spider’s Toasting version.

Full Info here >>>
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