A 4 track EP – with 3 remixes from Charlie May, Mauoq & Dogdub

The fourth EP from 3Head’s forthcoming 3rd album with 3 remixes of the original


3Head top off 2021 with Poem 2 & Remixes.

It’s 3Head’s 4th new single/Ep from their forthcoming 3rd Album.

Essentially a single with 3 remixes it’s a collection of beautifully crafted, high-end and characterful tracks that hold just as much currency as stand-alone productions, as they do as part of a multi-track release.

Spanning the original downtempo offering, encompassing Charlie May’s Electronica take, adding Mauoq’s minimal DnB and finishing with DogDub’s roots Reggae re-rub there’s something for everyone.

track 1) The original version, which will be on our forthcoming album 3h3. This started as a collaboration with TS.Elliot award winner, poet Roger Robinson – and his poem about the Grenfell Tower disaster (City of the Missing) – but due to legal and publishing issues it’s evolved into the final downtempo form complimented with a menacing spoken-word piece from Ras B.

track 2)  3Head vs Charlie May is a hybrid, rather than a remix. Charlie May (Spooky & Sasha) has combined numerous vocal takes from a number of tracks to create a completely unique track which is very much Charlie electronica, a slow burner with the trancelike looped vocals of Lara Basakinci (the featured vocalist on 3h3).

track 3) DnB artist Mauoq has delivered his signature minimal DnB / Dubtronica / dubstep take on the track. It builds subtly to ‘the drop’ before adding further layers and textures with his signature refinement.

track 4) For the final (last but by no means least) remix, we return to our love of stone groove reggae by inviting the Bristol producer DogDub who’s delivered his custom dub “roots” take on the track.


released May 7, 2021

Al Macaulay: composition, co-writer, percussion & co-production
Calina De La Mare: composition, co-writer, & violins
Dave Woolfson: co-writer & Guitars
Ras B: co-writer & Male Vocals
Duncan Forbes: Production & Mixing
Remixes by:
Charlie May
Management: Matthew Le Maistre Smith