A fairly complete list of both our mixes, and mixes with 3Head in the mix

May 2022 – 2 hour Gaudi mix

A great 1-hour and a bit mix by GAUDI released May 2022 featuring one of our tracks.

As the man himself says:
Here’s the volume 8 of PSYCHEDELIC FUTURE DUB series, which includes some of the freshest dub-electronica producers combined with old-school masters of dub plus some deeply experimental cutz! This sound-excursion covers the many angles of dub music, from the most rootsy style, (with Dennis Bovel mix of 3Head and Alpha & Omega)…

This show was 1st in the global psychedelic chart, 2nd in the global dub chart, 2nd in the global downtempo chart, 9th in the global chillout chart and 17th in the global electronica chart.

Big up Gaudi

Dec 2021 – 2 hour radio mix

We were massively chuffed to have been invited by Dubmission records for giving us this guest mix slot for the Radio Ozora station for their Chillout channel which was aired on 29 Dec 2021.

It’s a 2-hour journey through, Dub, Dubstep, Electronica, Reggae, and Breakbeat – all glued together with our recently released singles and remixes. which has had a good 2k plays so far.

Oh and it reached 48th in the global dub techno chart on Mixcloud. Happy days!

The tracklists are all on both the Mixcloud and Soundcloud pages


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Nov 2021 – 1 hour radio mix

A recent 1-hour mix which was played out by the legend who is, one James Endecott, on his Soho Radio’s Morning Glory show – as well as in Bethlehem on Radio alHara.

This mix includes some recent dub tracks from Gaudi (who’s mixed us into his new Sub-Signals Vol.2 – out now on Dubmissions records – a compilation alongside ace new tunes from artists such as: The Orb, Groove Armada, Alpha Steppa, Pitch Black, 100th Monkey, African Head Charge, Steel Pulse, Dub FX, and many more on this amazing release.

There are also some tracks in this mix that have been formative music for 3Head – spanning from an early track from the legendry A Certain Ratio – to the equally legendry Tony Allen and Don Cherry. This is an eclectic mix – a 3Head mix!

…& all gelled together with tracks from our new EP: Poem2 & remixes. 4 tracks which span Electronica, DnB, Roots & our traditional downtempo vibe.


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A 3Head tribute to Lee “Scratch” Perry – Sept 2021

For those of you that don’t know, Spider has been Lee’s Musical Director and has toured the world with him for years. He, like us, was devastated by his passing.

This mix is by band manager Matthew not Spider. It’s a 3Head tribute to, and doffing our hat to, the great man.

It checks many artists who worked with the Upsetter, who also link into the 3head sound directly.

My aim is to try to show how Perry’s colossal contribution to music has evolved into the creation of, for instance, dubstep, and the more electronic side of Reggae and Dub which would never have happened without him, but also to add tracks that are just great dub tracks which deconstruct reggae and put it back together stunningly and spaciously.

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3Head Dub Mix. July 2021

A new mix featuring a bunch of our new tracks with some of our oldies Plus an un-released beauty. Interspersed with, what I hope will agree, are some quality dub tracks to compliment it all – Enjoy!

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3Head mix – Jan 2021

A one-hour exclusive mix for James Endecott’s Morning Glory show on Soho Radio, originally broadcast on 15th Jan 2021.

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3Head Mixtape

Al’s mixtape of some of our earlier tunes from our 1st and 2nd albums.

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