(Recently Released + our Back Catalogue & Mixes)

A fairly complete list of our recently released tracks and EPs, mixes we’ve done and our back catalogue, which boasts an impressive roster of some of some legendary names such as: Adrian Sherwood, Dennis Bovell, Dry&Heavy, Black Star Liner, and Smith & Mighty, to name just a few.

Recently Released new material

Our recently released Singles and EPs from 2021 – 2023.


Ecstacy is 3Head’s new single (December 2023).

It’s a single with 3 remixes:
kicking off with the mighty Barry Adamson remix,

Once more we turn to (long term collaborator and remixer) The Netherlands’ & On-U Sound label’s sound curator Uncle Fester On Acid, delivering his beautifully ambient take on the track.

That’s followed by Bristol producer and remixer, DogDub’s uptown take

and last but not least Ecstacy (End Song), the original track, an etherial, dreamy downtempo classic.

We’re particularly chuffed we’ve been blessed by the inimitable Barry Adamson who’s taken up remix duties on the main title track.

We’ve long admired Barry not just for the amazing syncopated basslines with Magazine (whose widescreen cinematic sound and dystopian lyrics have always inspired), but also for what he brought to David Lynch. Calina, our strings goddess has arranged for him, and we adore the Miles Davis & Curtis Mayfield seam that he mines in his own way. We’re really proud he’s added his magic to this track.

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Slo Funk

3Head continue on from their four 2021 EPs with a brand new four tracker for 2022: Slo Funk.

As with previous recent releases, the EP works as four standalone tracks whilst all four also work and build to complement each other.

Kicking off with the downtempo album “Original”, its then backed up with an ethereal take by Michael Hodgson (Pitch Black), “Ambience Dripping in Dub”, it then moves on to Uncle Fester’s dubtronica take which is a game of 2 halves – messing with and building up the strings before laying down the bass – and finally rounding off with DogDub’s more traditional Reggae/Dancehall/Sound System style take on the track.

track 1) The original, album version, is a downtempo classic exploring dark themes. Whilst it appeared in 2017 on a video on YouTube made by our vocalist Ras B, it was never released… until now.

track 2)  The 2nd of the EP moves to a sublime take on the track by Pitch Black’s Michael Hodgson (here under his Misled Convoy moniker), with his ethereal re-rub which picks out the beauty of Laura’s vocals and combines them with an undercurrent of the orchestral elements, to create a beautifully ambient, neo-classical re-edit. It is “Ambience Dripping in Dub”.

track 3) then re-introduces our old friend Uncle Fester on Acid’s (On-U) dubtronica, where he kicks off with tweaking the strings into electronica before dropping in the sub-frequency bass to “Target your brain with Sonic Thrust”, as he says in the title.

track 4) is a return to a more upbeat, traditional reggae vein. The Bristol producer DogDub adds his signature roots sound system vibe, more dancehall edit to get you on the dancefloor.

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Poem 2 & Remixes

3Head top off 2021 with Poem 2 & Remixes (released digitally on 26th November 2021).

It’s 3Head’s 4th new single/Ep from their forthcoming 3rd Album.

Essentially a single with 3 remixes is a multi-layered 4 tracker where each track works as a standalone whilst all four work and build together to create a whole. Spanning the original downtempo offering, encompassing Charlie May’s Electronica take, adding Mauoq’s minimal DnB, and finishing with DogDub’s roots Reggae re-rub there’s something for everyone.

track 1) The original version, which will be on our forthcoming album 3h3. This started as a collaboration with TS. Elliot award winner, poet Roger Robinson – and his poem about the Grenfell Tower disaster (City of the Missing) – but due to legal and publishing issues it’s evolved into the final downtempo form complimented with a menacing spoken-word piece from Ras B.

track 2)  3Head vs Charlie May is a hybrid, rather than a remix. Charlie May (Spooky & Sasha) has combined numerous vocal takes from a number of tracks to create a completely unique track which is very much Charlie electronica, a slow burner with the trancelike looped vocals of Lara Basakinci (the featured vocalist on 3h3).

track 3) DnB artist Mauoq has delivered his signature minimal DnB / Dubtronica/dubstep take on the track. It builds subtly to ‘the drop’ before adding further layers and textures with his signature refinement.

track 4) For the final (last but by no means least) remix, we return to our love of stone groove reggae by inviting the Bristol producer DogDub who’s delivered his custom dub “roots” take on the track.



Solo is a dub-infused 4 track single that blends Laura’s ethereal vocals with Spider’s hard-edged lyrics about the refugee crisis and with The Cardigan’s Magnus Sveningsson as a guest on bass.

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The second EP from 3Head’s forthcoming 3rd album. It’s an epic track with two halves, starting with sublime female vocals and picked up by Spider’s toasting with a “call to action”, with his molten toasting.

The Radio edit (with no swearing) is accompanied by and gets a polish from reggae legend Dennis Bovell with a vocal and dub remix.

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Jah Jah Bless

A 3 track EP with the album and single version – a soaring guitar-based anthem, backed up with a Downtempo/Trap/Trip Hop remix from rising star Mo Money Productions, all nicely rounded off with Spider’s toasting version.

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Watch the MO Money Productions remix video